• Meet Shlomo Schloss

    Hello and welcome to Shalvah Therapy! My name is Shlomo Schloss and I am a Licensed clinical social Worker. That isn’t necessarily who I am, but certainly is what I do. I specialize in psychotherapy and have extensive experience in couples and individual therapy.

    I am married to an incredible woman and have 3 vibrant children. Yes, this keeps me quite busy outside of our sessions. When I make time for my varying interests they include playing sports and expanding my knowledge of people and places. My training in the mindfulness and spirituality that stems from Orthodox Judaism combined with evidence based interventions can restore the balance needed in one’s life to improve healthy relationships & resilience in navigating challenges.


    Who I Work with

    Connection with others is an important force which drives us to be who we are from birth to death. There are many barriers to achieving connection; stress, fear, sadness, or loneliness just to name a few. In this space, we create an atmosphere of acceptance and authenticity in order to move from a place of loneliness to feeling hope and you guessed it – connection.

    I specialize in people. I have clinical experience in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and chronic pain/illness. Generally the people I work with are regular everyday couples, teenagers, and adults. My approach utilizes psychodynamic principles and targeted behavioral changes to guide our sessions through the process of self discovery and the removal of barriers to feel connected.